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Learn About Getting A DWI Expunged From Your Record

There are many times in your life when someone might run a background check on you — when you apply to college, when you apply for a job or when you apply to rent a place to live, for example. When the college admissions office, your prospective employer or your potential landlord runs a background check, they will have access to your criminal record and be able to see if you have a DWI on your record.

Did you know that there is a way to expunge a DWI from your record? In doing so, your criminal record cannot be viewed by schools, employers or landlords. There are some exceptions, however, and certain agencies, including law enforcement agencies, can still view the record.

Aidan C. Reynolds, Trial Attorneys, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, provides guidance to people with drunk driving records who are seeking expungement. With more than 20 years of experience in Louisiana criminal courts, Aidan Reynolds is a criminal defense lawyer who provides effective help with a process that can be difficult and near-impossible to handle on your own. Learn more in a free consultation by calling 225-383-5080.

Get Help With Expunging Your DWI Arrest Or Conviction

Many types of arrests and convictions are eligible for expungement, and DWI is treated slightly differently from those other types. If you participated in a pre-trial diversion program, you must wait for five years after you completed the program to qualify for expungement. Additionally, an 894 sentence for DWI can only be obtained once every 10 years. Through an 894 sentence, you plead guilty and obtain expungement if you successfully complete your probation. For a frame of reference, an 894 for other misdemeanors is allowed once every five years. There are many factors to take into consideration during the defense of your DUI/DWI case as well as during the expungement process.

With an expungement, it may be easier to move on with your life, go to school, get a job and rent an apartment or home. Let us help you take your DWI out of the public eye.

Let's Discuss Your Options In A Free Initial Consultation

The law firm of Aidan C. Reynolds, Trial Attorneys, offers free initial consultations to discuss preliminary issues about your expungement. Call our office at 225-383-5080 or contact us online. We are centrally located in downtown Baton Rouge. If necessary, we can arrange after-hours appointments.

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